About Us

For years we have been the fast, reliable, all-around expert provider for Fairfield County's printing and imaging needs. Modern equipment, individualized service and years of experience have made us your trusted partner. We find and meet the particular needs of our clients by assuring the best, most efficient and most cost effective services. We pride ourselves in the range and quality of our digital services, while still maintaining the best film processing and traditional printing available.


Our History

Steve Barnes and Laurie Weinstein spent the early part of their careers in the photography industry at Professional Color Services in South Norwalk, CT. Steve started out at Kew Photo and later served as Lab Manager at Professional Color Services.


After years of learning what worked and what didn’t when it came to running a photographic lab, Steve decided to start his own in 2001. Laurie joined as a business partner and Photographic Solutions began.


Dedication, innovation and customer service have been deciding factors in the success of Photographic Solutions. After the Digital Revolution hit the photography world and took popular culture by storm, the ability to adapt and incorporate new technology ensured the survival of Photographic Solutions.


While other labs have disappeared, Photographic Solutions remains and continues to offer the highest quality in both analog and digital photographic services.


Co-owners Laurie and Steve

What We Offer

  • Over 35 years of experience in photographic and fine art printing
  • One-on-one customer service
  • Custom B&W and C-41 color film processing
  • Traditional B&W printing 
  • Digital capture
  • High-resolution scanning equipment
  • Photo restoration and retouching
  • Archival Inkjet prints up to 44" wide and any length
  • Canvas, Metallic and Fine Art papers available
  • All work is performed in-house for quick and accurate turnaround