The Gallery @ Photographic Solutions

The Gallery at Photographic Solutions is proud to support local photographers by showcasing their work in our on-site exhibition space. Our history of engaging with the community has allowed us to serve not only as a professional resource, but as a meeting place for the local arts community.

Stacy Bass, September 2009

"In Places of Blue and Gold... A Time to Dream" by Tom Kretsch, April 2010

"Homework [Mostly]" by Paul McGuirk, June 2010

"Halfway in Light" by John Glover, August 2010

"Wired: Lenticular Imagery" by Miggs Burroughs, October 2010

"The Civil War: A Work In Progress" by Paul McGuirk, February, 2012

"No Flowers" by Mary Ellen Hendricks, March 2012

 Acoustic music by Eva and her band.